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How long will my repair take?The length of the repair based on the total labor hours based on a 0.3 formula which includes weekends.
My insurance provider isn’t listed on your Partners page, am I still covered for repairs with you?Yes you are covered. It is always your right to choose the repairer of your choice. There is The Automobile Insurance Consumer's Bill of Rights which states that as a consumer, you have the right to choose a repairer. You can refer to www.fsco.gov.on.ca or www.gov.on.ca. Your insurance company can refer you to a facility, but, ultimately it is your vehicle & your choice.
Will I get an invoice detailing parts & labour costs?At the end of all repairs, all guests get a detailed invoice of all parts listed & labor costs.
Do you only work on vehicles made by the manufacturers on your Partners page?No, although we are Lexus & Toyota Certified, we service all makes & model of vehicles.
My insurance won’t cover the repair, what are my options?Yes, your Insurance Company will cover the cost of repairs. If an insured does not carry collision coverage, only then, the insurance will not cover the cost of repairs if they deemed at fault from the collision. If the insured or guest is not at fault, the insurance will cover the cost of repairs when liability has been confirmed.
Will the repair match the original paint colour of my vehicle?Although it is impossible to match the original finish due to different paint variants, we achieve color matching by blending all adjacent panels. In doing so, no color difference will be noticed.
Can you suggest any rental car services nearby while you’re repairing my vehicle?Yes, we have an agent. They will work with your Insurance Company to assist you after a collision has occurred.